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Reusable and Single Use  Synthetic Urine Substitution Kits


The Urine Trouble Reusable kit   

The easiest to use and conceal Re-usable synthetic urine kit made. It has been successfully used for over 16 years and never a problem, nor complaint.


It is a Simple no Gimmicks dispenser that will hold our Fake it synthetic urine at temp all day.  It needs no bulky batteries,  It is kept warm with high grade USA made 10 hour heat maxx warmer as a insulating heat while your body regulates the temp.


It allows for the easiest most accurate monitoring by a medical grade liquid crystal thermometer with 2 degree offset .


 Our Urine Trouble Synthetic urine bag  uses a realistic flow tube not a slow skinny iv tube like our competitors . The sample Is dispensed with a single hand from a single clamp allowing ease of use, no multiple clamps or bags to squeeze .


The Urine trouble bag has a sturdy black woven elastic waistband with adjustable buckle. The other guys use a white knitted elastic that gets dirty very easy and provides weak support from the super stretchy knitted material.  Our bags are the only %100 USA made product available.


The Urine Trouble kit comes with up to 3,  3oz "Fake It" Synthetic Urine powder vials that when mixed with warm water,  creates a perfect sample that meets all normal human levels for everything from specific gravity, creatinine, ph, smell, color ( that matches the specific gravity levels  ) even the first to use uric acid.  Any made in china prefilled products making these claims are LYING

Urine Trouble 2 Vial Reusable Kit  Now   Only $55.00  


The One Shot Random Kit   Only 25.00

Perfect synthetic urine kit for Random use where you need to carry it on you at all times. Simply keep warm water in bottle and drop synthetic urine sample in when needed. Flip top cap for single hand use and no cap to drop.  Can also be used for pre employment. It is fast, easy and reliable. The One Shot Synthetic Urine kit has never fail a single test. 

Tip for random test -  You ae most likely to be hit with a random when you first get to work so just keep warmer and vial in pocket and warm bottle of water in microwave for a few seconds before you go to work  and keep it down pants to retain warmth . 



Our powdered urine is  better than any liquid urine

Because it has properties liquids CAN NOT CONTAIN 


All liquids contain biocides like you find in a Jacuzzi to keep them stable on a shelf for years . The liquid products have a yellow food color appearance that doesn't change for weeks in a lab not like a human sample that degrades . 

 FAKE IT  the original and leading %100 synthetic urine 

was the first to meet all  levels required in a urine analysis and drug screens like uric acid, creatinine , albumin proteins, with true appearance (not a yellow food color look) that matches the values and level of the urine  and even urine smell ( most common reason collectors toss a sample and ask for another ) ,  something no liquid urine can do . 

FAKE IT synthetic human urine is literally undetectable from human urine and has never failed one time in our 15 year history. Fake it will pass any urine drug screen .

All prefilled liquid urine products are the same ,  made in bulk in china , they have different names but the  product and packaging is the same .    
best detox synthetic urine kits to pass drug test in texas