• Meat Thermometer

Whether it is used as a grilling thermometer or to check the doneness of meat or steak, this unerring digital meat thermometer measures all common and important temperatures and will guarantee your meat turns out good. Because in fine dining, even a few degrees can be decisive in the success of a dish. This thermometer is very easy to use, its tip is easy to insert into the meat, and it has an overall robust appearance. Its digital display, which is accurate to one decimal place, ensures the measurements are accurate and register in mere seconds. The temperature sensor is made of robust stainless steel, the handle has an ergonomic shape - the buttons have a good feel, so all the measurements can be taken smoothly and reliably. The body is made of durable plastic and comes in an attractive two-tone design. This sophisticated meat thermometer will be useful for amateur cooks, in restaurants or at snack stands, is CE-certified and comes in a gift box. And it can be printed with your logofor a great advertising effect.

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Meat Thermometer

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