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Hair collection & Testing Information

"Standard " Hair Test are run on a 5 panel  screen. Some bigger labs like Quest, in order to get bigger fail numbers will use "extended  opium panel" Normally a 5 panel looks at natural opiate like heroin morphine and codeine. The extended panel included oxycodone Percocet type meds as well.   The more exotic meds like deladide or Methadone are on 10  panel screens and up.  Cost are greater so  with larger panels so it is rare. Typically your already in a situation and shouldn't be using anyway .  

THC doesn't travel in sweat like meth or coke which can start to contaminate in hours from sweat.  As Hair detoxing goes,  THC,  if one were a regular consumer  could take a week or a month to detox,  the rate all depends on frequency of indulgence  vs.  your body mass / activity level.   THC, like all other drugs take 5 days to clear body (with a single use)  plus a few to reach scalp.

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Hair Collection Procedure

Typical amount of hair is 90 -120 strands  from .5" to 1.5" , hair over 1.5" will be trimmed by tech before process to 1.5" . This is part of standardization of testing.   So @ .5" they will just use a little more hair so all sample  weight the same.  They can only see what  you give them , at  .5"  ( average 1 month window)  they cant see 3 months or more let alone a year .   Cutting hair from 12 " to 6" will do  nothing , wait to be instructed by tech if hair cutting will help in your case .  


Hair is collected in 2 typical ways depending on the labs SOP . Some collect from a few random spots and someone swatch from rear.  More often from crown and back as to not create a spot or mess up hair cut.   Generally concentrating treatment on rear of head for woman is ideal. Men with high top cuts will be collecting from top or wherever the longest hair is at so they can get the full 1.5" 3 month window  if possible . 

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5 Panel  VS.  10 panel Hair Screen

5 Panel Hair screen

Amphetamines (speed, meth, crank, ecstasy)

Opiates (heroin, morphine, opium, codeine)

11-nor -D9-THC-9      Cannabinoids ( THC)

Cocaine  (  actually screens for 2 cocaine metabolite and cocaine itself)

Phencyclidine (PCP)

10 Panel Hair screen

11-nor -D9-THC-9      Cannabinoids ( THC)

Cocaine  (  actually screens for 2 cocaine metabolite and cocaine itself)

Phencyclidine (pcp)

MDMA ( Ecstacy)

Oxycodone  ( hydrocodone, percocete, Oxycontin )


Methaqualone (Quaaludes)




The confirmatory cutoff concentrations for cocaine analytes in hair are cocaine ≥500 pg/mg, benzoylecgonine ≥50 pg/mg, cocaethylene ≥50 pg/mg, and norcocaine ≥50 pg/mg.