Hair Razor Detox Treatment & Aloe Rid Treatment Formula   

Most Trusted Hair Detox Products 16 years

Hair Razor, True Hair Follicle Detox

 with Aloe Rid Treatment 



Hair Razor Detox is a truly unique three step detoxing process

 A Pre treatment of the Original Aloe Rid Treatment Gel and a 2 step chemical process individually formulated to provide broad range metabolite destruction. 

Not a Lame Detox shampoo or damaging home method with limited results. 


It's Back ! ALoe RId Treatment 

Detox Heavy Metals, Toxic Chemicals, Environmental Contaminates  and Medications from the internal structure of the hair  

Aloe Ridd - Deep Clarifying Solution * 

We have the original formula of the original Treatment gel
Now part a 3 step Hair Razor Treatment and sold separately
 for your own method of hair purifying detox 

* compare to ingredients in Aloe Rid 

Synthetic Urine Kits  

Highest Quality 

American made Re Usable Delivery Kit 

Custom Synthetic Urine with a 16 Year no fail record

Also have a ONE SHOT for Randoms 


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